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sound      February 2023


Nicky Chue

Diasporic spells that map the present dystopia and imagining better worlds.

sound      April 2021



RUSNAM invites us into her cryptical & hypnotic soundscape mixed into an explosion of hard kicks, breakbeats & dark basslines and introduces her many projects such as Faces of Change & Chance.

sound      April 2021

Wenn weiße Rosen welken

Shelly Phillips

Shelly Phillips softly pulls us into her musical narrations of her life experiences through melancholic sounds and soft lyrics, touching our minds and souls.

sound      April 2021

I Am A House

Promona Sengupta

Promona Sengupta shares her thoughts on music and other creative expressions that are an integral part of the beautifully complex and ever-changing relationship with the self.