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editorial      February 2023

Editorial - A fucking intense cocktail

Franzi Finkenstein and Thao Ho

"Something must be said": A chat between the editors about a cocktail full of demons.

art      February 2023

Souls in the river and silver trash


An audio-visual about the connection between humans and the waters of nature with music that heals wounds.

sound      February 2023


Nicky Chue

Diasporic spells that map the present dystopia and imagining better worlds.

poetry      February 2023



The E.P. Roho deals with demons of the heart. Roho means heart in swahili. When making the E.P, Kondo was thinking about ruhani which is a spirit that poses as well as pepo. The music is accompanied by a poem that is still ongoing.

poetry      February 2023

movement study


poetics on organising, community, self, and the structural, historical and individual demons haunting them.

text      February 2023

Reflections on Sonic Reverbs

Sarnt Utamachote

"That I do care for you, when you are not here." The filmmaker and curator Sarnt Utamachote reflects on the various processes and methods involved in their documentary project "Sonic Reverbs".

art      February 2023

Con quên bảo rằng/I forgot to tell you

Ái-Như Võ

A bilingual video essay that shows a labyrinth of memory spaces which arose from the confrontation and research on the American war in Vietnam.

art      February 2023



A visual meditation on demons emanating from spirituality and reality by Nana aka weirdfullmind.