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editorial      April 2021


Franzi Finkenstein and Thao Ho

A conversation about weakness, hope and resistance. […]

art      April 2021

Cover Babe


Soft encounters with bb99cents.

text      April 2021

WE are here to find the ME

Cérise C. Carson

Cérise C. Carson and Thao Ho catch up with each other and talk about mental health, community and her new podcast 'Within Element' where she explores intersections of race, ethnicity, heritage, mental health, self-care, self-love and eating disorders.

text      April 2021

Frogs and Snakes

Jesse G & Nam Nguyen Thi

I probably could have picked any track by Q. I can just lie in bed or on the ground and close my eyes to any track and let the trip in my head start. I chose this track because of the lyrics and because it fits perfectly to the quote from the poem. I often ask myself how often anxiety has stopped me from doing things in life and how things might be different if my anxiety wasn't so dominant.

poetry      April 2021


Jo Harker Shaw

When this morning woke me I had no desire to move;
there was nothing that this day could bring I’d not already heard.
I could not imagine anything that would bring me happiness to see,
no experience was beckoning, and I was even tired of sleep.

art      April 2021

La Música Es Una Cadena

Zuréh Jaramillo Rima

This work is dedicated to all people that have turned their struggles into something joyful through art. And people that are petty-minded towards 'loud' and 'colorful' cultures and groups. […]

art      April 2021

In These Times

Nina Laçin

Nina Laçin sits down with Thao Ho to talk about her recent work in cooperation with Les MigraS, empty club halls and music in difficult times.

text      April 2021

A brief conversation about self-awareness

Emilia Monin

Somedays the only thing I believe I need is to relate. Look around and find a person going through the same feeling as me. Surely we are a lot more than I perceive in this kind of nebula, but some common factors have made the encounter difficult and awkward, they have pushed us away and made us feel uncomfortable and alone in the setback. […]

art     April 2021

Excerpts from Rebellion


Rebellion was released on Air Texture label apart of a 2 sided non-dance floor compilation curated by Silent Servant & Rrose. While writing and composing new music, it is all just a feeling for me, I want listeners to be able to understand and feel the emotions I have inside. […]

sound      April 2021

Wenn weiße Rosen welken

Shelly Phillips

Shelly Phillips softly pulls us into her musical narrations of her life experiences through melancholic sounds and soft lyrics, touching our minds and souls.

sound      April 2021



RUSNAM invites us into her cryptical & hypnotic soundscape mixed into an explosion of hard kicks, breakbeats & dark basslines and introduces her many projects such as Faces of Change & Chance.

sound      April 2021

I Am A House

Promona Sengupta

Promona Sengupta shares her thoughts on music and other creative expressions that are an integral part of the beautifully complex and ever-changing relationship with the self.

poetry      April 2021



you're weak my mother said
I feel vigorous when I listen to this song
shut up they say when I'm around them
I get lost in thought when I'm alone