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editorial      February 2023

Editorial - A fucking intense cocktail

Franzi Finkenstein and Thao Ho

"Something must be said": A chat between the editors about a cocktail full of demons.

text      February 2023

Sonic Reverbs

Sarnt Utamachote

"That I do care for you, when you are not here." The filmmaker and curator Sarnt Utamachote reflects on the various processes and methods involved in their documentary project "Sonic Reverbs".

editorial      April 2021


Franzi Finkenstein and Thao Ho

A conversation about weakness, hope and resistance. […]

text      April 2021

WE are here to find the ME

Cérise C. Carson

Cérise C. Carson and Thao Ho catch up with each other and talk about mental health, community and her new podcast 'Within Element' where she explores intersections of race, ethnicity, heritage, mental health, self-care, self-love and eating disorders.

text      April 2021

A brief conversation about self-awareness

Emilia Monin

Somedays the only thing I believe I need is to relate. Look around and find a person going through the same feeling as me. Surely we are a lot more than I perceive in this kind of nebula, but some common factors have made the encounter difficult and awkward, they have pushed us away and made us feel uncomfortable and alone in the setback. […]

text      April 2021

Frogs and Snakes

Jesse G & Nam Nguyen Thi

Two friends reminiscence about tracks, feelings and situations that have had significant effects on them.