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art      February 2023

Souls in the river and silver trash


An audio-visual about the connection between humans and the waters of nature with music that heals wounds.

art      February 2023

Con quên bảo rằng/I forgot to tell yous

Ái-Như Võ

A bilingual video essay that shows a labyrinth of memory spaces which arose from the confrontation and research on the American war in Vietnam.

art      February 2023



A visual meditation on demons emanating from spirituality and reality by Nana aka weirdfullmind.

art      April 2021

La Música Es Una Cadena

Zuréh Jaramillo Rima

This work is dedicated to all people that have turned their struggles into something joyful through art. And people that are petty-minded towards 'loud' and 'colorful' cultures and groups. […]

art      April 2021

In These Times

Nina Laçin

Nina Laçin sits down with Thao Ho to talk about her recent work in cooperation with Les MigraS, empty club halls and music in difficult times.

art      April 2021

Cover Babe


Soft encounters with bb99cents.

art      April 2021

Excerpts from Rebellion


"Rebellion was released on Air Texture label apart of a 2 sided non-dance floor compilation curated by Silent Servant & Rrose. While writing and composing new music, it is all just a feeling for me, I want listeners to be able to understand and feel the emotions I have inside." […]