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ISSUE ONE: Mental Health x Music

The prompt originated from personal experiences of sonic soothing and the appreciation of art as a potential expression and representation of struggle that moves, touches and connects us. All contributors invite us to engage with their own interpretations and associations of mental health and music, moving between different art forms of poetry, visual arts, sound collages and essay-ist thoughts. This issue is a soft attempt to reconnect in ever isolating realities through our love for music while simultaneously acknowledging the violent histories, circumstances and structures permeating it.

Franzi Finkenstein and Thao Ho

bb99cents, Danja Burchard, Cérise C. Carson, Jesse G & Nam Nguyen, Jo Harker Shaw, Zuréh Jaramillo Rima, Nina Laçin, Emilia Monin, Shelly Phillips, RUSNAM, Promona Sengupta, Maŕa, Shishan, Raras Umaratih, DJ Uta, Sarah Farina, Perera Elsewhere